Tuuli Dmitrijeva

Leading Embryologist
About me

I have been working in the field of reproductive medicine since 2011. I have participated in various IVF-related seminars, courses and conferences. I perform all in vitro fertilisation procedures, IVF, ICSI, embryo development analyses, freezing/thawing of embryos and sperm, and consult patients in the field of embryology.


Tallinn University of Technology, MSc in Gene Technology.




Estonian, English

Families about us

Patient feedback

In regards midwife Tiina Untera, I don’t have enough good words to commend her service. Anyone, who trusts herself into the care of Tiina, will never be disappointed. I would like to remain pregnant, just so I could continue to go to Tiina’s pregnancy monitoring appointments.

Angelina, 2021

Angelina, 2021

I had an online consultation with your gynaecologist, which I was very pleased with. The doctor gave me advice and reassured me, I felt secure. I’m sure I’ll be visiting your clinic in the future.

Patient, 2021

Patient, 2021

I am so happy! I became a mother through sperm donation. I feel like now everything is as it should be. Becoming a mother was very important for me. Although fertility in women decreases in their thirties, I no longer have to feel the pressure of running late with having a child.  I have already told my first child how she was born into this world. She knows that her mommy went to a clinic and was given ‘baby seeds’ and that’s how she was born.