Patient experience after first consultations

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    1. How did you find out about our clinic? *

    A friend recommendation the clinic.I found the clinic through Google-Web search.My doctor recommended the clinic.I found the clinic on Social Media.Other, please indicate

    2. Where did the first consultations take place? *

    At the clinicOnline (Skype-Zoom)Telephone

    3. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the first consultations. *

    Very satisfiedSatisfiedNot satisfiedDisappointed.

    4. Was the information provided by the doctor clear to you? *

    Everything was clear.Most of the information was clear.Some of the information was clear.Information was completely unclear.

    5. How well do you understand your individual treatment plan? *

    I understand treatment plan well and am ready to start the treatment.I understand treatment plan well, but I need more time and information to decide.I did not understand my treatment options well and will ask for second opinion.