Resolving complaints

Procedure for resolving complaints arising from the quality of healthcare services


• The purpose of the procedure for resolving complaints of BioEximi OÜ is to review and resolve complaints and proposals as soon as possible.
• Procedures are designed and implemented to ensure patient satisfaction and the quality of healthcare delivery.
• Complaints arising from the quality of healthcare services are processed by a member of the management board of BioEximi OÜ or a person authorised by him or her together with the treating physician and laboratory manager.
• When resolving complaints, BioEximi OÜ monitors all applicable confidentiality requirements.
• Complaints are registered in the ‘Complaints Register’.

Filing complaints 
• The complaint must be submitted in a clearly legible letter, by handing it over in person to the reception, by e-mail to or by post to Veerenni 51, 10138 Tallinn.
• The complaint must state the patient’s first and last name, personal identification code, telephone number, e-mail address, date, and the content of the complaint, which must describe the circumstances of the complaint as precisely as possible. If the complaint is made on behalf of someone, the details of both the patient and the person authorised by him or her must be indicated.
• The complaint must be accompanied, if available, by the documents on which the complainant justifies his or her complaint and a proposal for resolving the complaint.
• The complaint shall be signed by the complainant or a person authorised by him or her. In the case of authorisation, the complaint must indicate the identity of the patient on whose behalf the complaint is made and an additional power of attorney.

Complaint handling 
• The Management Board of BioEximi OÜ reviews the complaint together with the treating physician and the head of the laboratory and checks the circumstances presented in the complaint within 14 (fourteen) working days after the submission of the complaint.
• BioEximi OÜ has the right to refuse to review the complaint if:
1. The complaint is anonymous;
2. The content of the proposal or complaint is illegible or incomprehensible;
3. The complaint has not been submitted regarding the quality of medical services;
4. The person who has filed the complaint has limited active legal capacity and a guardian has been appointed for him or her by the court and the complaint has been filed without the prior consent of the representative;
5. A court judgment has entered into force in the same case;
6. More than 5 years have passed since the provision of the treatment service which is complained about.
• The Management Board of BioEximi OÜ shall notify the complainant in writing of the refusal to review the complaint together with the reasons for the decision.
• Oral misunderstandings are, if possible, resolved on the spot in the clinic by involving the management of BioEximi OÜ and the medical doctor or other service personnel in the negotiations, as necessary.
• The documents collected during the processing of complaints are stored in accordance with the applicable laws and their storage is organised by the employee responsible for the archives of BioEximi OÜ.
• If the complainant is not satisfied with the solution submitted by BioEximi OÜ, the person has the opportunity to apply to:
Estonian Health Insurance Fund E-mail: Phone: 16363; (+372) 669 6630
Health Board E-mail: Phone: (+372) 794 3500