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Dear patients, Next Fertility Nordic (BioEximi OÜ) is a contractual partner of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for infertility treatment. The Health Insurance Fund reimburses infertility treatment and related visits, procedures and pregnancy detection for insured women up to and including the age of 40. The inpatient benefit does not include the initial consultation with a fertility doctor to identify the causes of infertility, or subsequent pregnancy monitoring.


Consultation with Fertility Doctor (40-60 min) (for both partners) 110 €
Gynaecologist’s appointment (30 min) 65 €
Consultation with andrologist (30 min) 90 €
Phone consultation with andrologist (30 min) 70 €
Doctor’s online consultation (up to 15 min / 30 min / 60 min) 45 / 65 / 110 €
Short doctor’s consultation (15 min) 45 €
Repeated prescription outside appointment time 25 €
Midwife’s appointment for pregnancy detection 50 €
Midwife’s appointment (pregnancy planning, pregnancy monitoring) (30 min) 38 €
Nurse appointment (30 min) 30 €
Embryologist’s consultation (30 min) 50€
Gynaecological Ultrasound Examination 40 €
Foetal scan 120 €
Foetal Cardiotocography (CTG) 35 €
Genetic counseling (60 min) 100 €
IVF coaching/experience counseling (60 min) 70 €
Nutrition counseling (60 min) 70 €
Donor coordinator’s consultation (60 min) 70 €

Fertility Treatments

The prices listed below are indicative: the cost of treatments will be calculated for each patient individually.

IVF treatment ** Incl. Stimulation, anesthesia, oocyte pick-up, fertilization, embryo cultivation, sperm preparation for IVF, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, Embryo Transfer. Coordination fee 550 EUR. Read more. 2250 €
ICSI treatment ** Incl. Stimulation,anesthesia, oocyte pick-up, feritilization (ICSI), embryo cultivation, sperm preparation for ICSI, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, Embryo Transfer. Coordination fee 550 EUR. Read more. 2950 €
IVF with fresh donor eggs ** Fresh donor eggs cycle. Incl. Donor selection, stimulation, OPU, donor eggs (up to 10 oocytes), sperm preparation, fertilization,  embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, embryo transfer. IVF Experience counselling. Additional cost for ICSI 700 EUR. Coordination fee 550 EUR. 5900 €
ICSI with frozen donor eggs  ** Incl. Donor selection, frozen donor eggs (6 oocytes), sperm preparation, fertilization with ICSI, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, embryo transfer. IVF Experience counselling. Coordination fee 550 EUR. from 5850 €
Double donation. Donor eggs + donor sperm ** Incl. Donor selection, donor eggs (6 oocytes)+ donor sperm, fertilization with ICSI, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, embryo transfer. IVF Experience counselling. Coordination fee 550 EUR. from 6200 €
ICSI with donor eggs ordered from external biobank ** Incl. Thaw of donor eggs, preparation of sperm, fertilization with ICSI, embryo cultivation in EmbryoScope, embryo trasnfer. There is an addtional cost for coordination 550 EUR, donor cells from external biobank and related transportation costs. from 2850 €
Donor Sperm** Using donor sperm in procedure (IUI, IVF, ICSI). Sperm from Next Fertility Nordic sperm bank 350 €
IUI/intrauterine insemination treatment ** with partner’s sperm. Coordination fee 200 EUR. Read more. 320 €
IUI with donor sperm ** Donor sperm from Next Fertility Nordic  biobank. Coordination fee 200 EUR 670 €
Embryo Vitrification Up to 4 embryos, including 2 months of cryopreservation. Every additional vitrification straw 155 €. from 400 €
Embryo/sperm/oocyte cryopreservation 1 day/ 1 year. Read more. 1 € / 365 €
FET – frozen embryo transfer ** Thawing embryo(s), culturing and transfer of frozen embryo(s). Coordination fee 250 EUR. Read more. 950 €
EmbryoGlue  Medium specifically designed for embryo transfer 250 €
Assisted hatching (AHA) 350 €
Oocyte vitrification (up to 10 oocytes) Oocyte pick-up and vitrification. Price does not include visits, ultrasounds, analyses nor cost of cryopreservation. Coordination fee 550 EUR. Read more. from 1350 €
Sperm Freezing Price does not include visits, analyses nor cryopreservation. Read more. 400 €
Hysterosalphingo-foam sonography * 165 €
beREADY test * (Endometrial Receptivity Test) 450 €
ERA® test * (Endometrial receptivity test for implantation failure) 850 €
NIPTIFY Focus Plus test * (non invasive prenatal testing) 300 €
EndomeTRIO *
Complete endometrial analysis that includes ERA, EMMA and ALICE tests.
1000 €

Genetic Testing

Carrier Genetic Test (iGenomix, CGTPlus) *** 450 €
Chromosome analysis (karyotyping)*** 175 €
Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A) from 1550 €
Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis for Chromosomal Rearrangement (PGT-SR) from 2800 €
Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for monogenic/single gene defects (PGT-M) from 3900 €

Semen Analysis

Sperm analysis (spermogramm) 80 €
Sperm analysis + IL6 100 €
MAR test, IgA, IgG (Mixed antiglobulin reaction test, immune antibodies screening) 25 €
Interleukin 6 (IL-6, Sperm evaluation test) 20 €
Eosin test (Functional evaluation test for sperm vitality) 21 €
Halosperm test
Measurement of DNA fragmentation in sperm
150 €
MiOXSYS test- measurement of oxydative stress in sperm 85 €

* Additional cost of doctor’s appointment (gynaecologist / midwife) will apply.
** Additional coordination fee, cost of visits, ultrasounds, medications and analysis will apply.
*** Additional cost of nurse’s visit 30 € will apply.

Prices are valid from 1st of April 2023. Next Fertility Nordic (BioEximi Ltd) reserve the right to change our prices.

If necessary, the service can be paid using a health loan:

At the Next Fertility Nordic Clinic, you can pay for doctor’s visits and tests with the Confido Health Solution.

The Next Fertility Nordic Clinic allows you to use Medicredit to finance a paid visit to a specialist if the regular waiting list is long and to enable you to afford procedures that are not financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Read more and apply for a health loan here.

You have to take care of your health and peace of mind, but sometimes this requires bigger expenses. With the health and beauty loan offered by LHV bank, you can spread out larger health-related expenses.

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