Pregnancy monitoring

Experienced midwives will help and support you throughout the pregnancy as well as in the postpartum period.

Pregnancy monitoring

We will do our best to make you feel informed and safe, offering you professional support in pregnancy planning, during pregnancy, and in the postpartum period.

It is important for every expectant mother that their pregnancy proceeds smoothly and that their baby is born healthy. We offer personal monitoring and comprehensive counselling during pregnancy and after childbirth.


Our experienced midwives Tiina Untera, Kelli Kade, Kadi Tomson ja Kirlin Meejärv support families during the whole pregnancy.

• Pregnancy detection (from 50 EUR)

• Regular pregnancy monitoring, preparation for childbirth (38 EUR/ visit)

• Determination of necessary tests and examinations

• NIPTIFY test (300 EUR + visit)

• Referral to a gynaecologist or other specialist, if necessary

• Breastfeeding counselling (38 EUR/visit)

• Midwifery postpartum visit

• Postpartum home visit (60 EUR/visit)

Next Fertility Clinic provides also fetal pregnancy scans: identification of pregnancy, OSCAR test, anatomy scan. Fetal scans are done by ultrasound specialist Dr Silja Ostrat.

From the 10th week of pregnancy, the midwife can also perform the NIPTIFY test, which determines the risk of the four most common chromosomal diseases in the foetus. The test is safe for the foetus and gives peace of mind to most pregnant families. The test is performed on the mother’s blood sample – starting from 10 weeks of pregnancy, the foetal DNA can be analysed from it. It does not interfere with the foetus’ living environment nor endanger the course of the pregnancy. If desired, the gender of the child can also be determined.