Gynaecologist appointment

Experienced gynaecologists at Next Fertility Nordic are committed to the reproductive health of women.

Gynaecologist appointment

A woman of reproductive age should see a gynaecologist regularly once a year, but it is important to continue to see one even after the reproductive age has passed. Regular check-ups are recommended even if there are no direct complaints, as some diseases affecting reproductive health can be insidious and asymptomatic for long periods of time. It is certainly advised to see a gynaecologist if a woman has an irregular menstrual cycle, painful periods, a suspicion of a venereal disease, or if she has not been able to become pregnant within a year.

The gynaecologist appointment at Next Fertility Nordic is conducted by experienced gynaecologists.

• Regular gynaecologist appointment: gynaecological examination and ultrasound examination

• Testing for sexually transmitted diseases

• Recommendations for hormone tests, if necessary

• PAP test

• Counselling in family planning and use of contraception

• Fertility testing

• Infertility related tests (e.g.tubal permeability study, endometrial receptivity testing with beReady test)

In vitro fertilization (IUI, IVF/ICSI)

• Pregnancy scan (identification of pregnancy, OSCAR test, anatomy scan)

Regular check-ups by a gynaecologist are recommended even if there are no direct complaints. We offer pregnancy monitoring services with a midwife from pregnancy detection to childbirth, as well as postpartum and breastfeeding counselling.