Dr Kristiina Piirisild

Infertility treatment and gynaecology
About me

While studying to be a gynaecologist, I discovered that infertility and the related issues is the area that interests me most. When I realised the importance of infertility as a public health issue, I knew that I wanted to make a contribution. In addition to Next Fertility Nordic, I work as a gynaecologist at Pärnu Hospital, where I provide infertility counselling.


I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu. In addition to Estonian hospitals, I completed half of my residency in obstetrics and gynaecology at Kuopio University Hospital and Kotka Central Hospital in Finland. I develop my knowledge and skills on a regular basis by participating in professional training programmes and conferences.


Estonian Gynaecologists’ Society, Estonian Medical Association, Suomen Gynekologiyhdistys, ESHRE


Estonian, Finnish, English

Families about us

Patient feedback

“I liked the fact that the nurse, midwife and doctor answered all of my questions and listened to me and that I always received more than just a simple answer to my initial questions. I felt good and cared for.”

Clinic patient, 2022

Clinic patient, 2022

“Very pleasant staff! I feel welcomed and cared for. Thank you for taking so much time for us and teaching us how to inject (midwife Tiina). Thank you, Dr Aluri, you are the best doctor I have ever been to!”

A satisfied customer, 2022

A satisfied customer, 2022

“For such an emotionally complex issue as infertility treatment, I have always felt safe, cared for and well at the clinic.”

A well cared for patient, 2022

A well cared for patient, 2022