Kinesio taping for pregnant women

Kinesio taping of the lower back and abdomen area for pregnant women

Kinesio taping for pregnant women

rasedate teipimineKinesio taping of the lower back and abdomen area for pregnant women

What is kinesio taping?

Kinesio taping is helpful for the recovery of a certain body area experiencing overload or trauma. Kinesio tape is an air and water-permeable tape made of elastic fabric with the same elasticity as human skin. The tape stays on the skin for at least 5 (up to 14) days and can remain on while washing, going to sauna and swimming. Kinesio taping helps reduce swelling and ease muscle pain.

Kinesio taping during pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through major hormonal changes during pregnancy, which are accompanied by weight gain, fluid retention and changes in skin elasticity. Kinesio taping is an effective way to relieve pregnancy-related pelvic region and lower back pain as well as feelings of tension in the lower abdomen.


  • parchment-like skin, neurodermatitis, acute phase psoriasis
  • damaged skin, open wounds, scar tissue that has not healed completely
  • heart and renal failure
  • diabetes
  • tumours
  • infections
  • swelling of unknown cause
  • anticoagulant use
  • known acrylic allergy
  • first trimester of pregnancy

Individuals with more sensitive skin may experience skin irritation.
You can bring your own tape if you wish.

Kinesio taping is performed by midwife Kelli Kade:

Completed courses: 

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