Launching our new AI assistant CHLOE

Launching our new AI assistant CHLOE

Next Fertility Nordic has onboarded Fairtility’s CHLOE (which stands for cultivating human life through optimal embryos). With this tool, Next Fertility Nordic’s lab team gained a technological assistant. We can offer this add-on service to patients which gives the choice to be able to view their own embryo development from home.

By extending the use of CHLOE from the Next Group Spain to Next Estonia we can streamline operations and provide a standardized approach.

Software-based, CHLOE integrates with the EmbryoScope and Meditex platform allowing full digitalisation of the lab. The aim is to increase workflow efficiency and complement clinical decision-making.

The artificial intelligence algorithm has been developed through an extensive database of embryos and enables an embryo quality score based on subtle visual, morphological, morphokinetic and developmental attributes of each embryo and relates them to its implantation capacity.

CHLOE EQ for embryo viability assessment, focuses on analysing embryonic development data and images designed to facilitate embryo ranking and selection in the assisted reproduction laboratory. The scores run from 0 to 10. Whenever there is an abnormal developmental pattern, for example direct cleavage from 1 to 3 cells, it will show up in red, and as a result the EQ score will be non-existent or lower.

As well as this there is a blastocyst prediction score available on Day 2 of development. Consequently, Embryologists have a better indication of which embryos will make it to the blastocyst stage, which helps to improve prediction potential and also reduces the occurrence of surprises happening.

What to expect as a patient?

  • One day after your egg collection or egg thaw procedure you will receive an email notification from the lab stating your fertilization results (how many eggs successfully fertilized).
  • Shortly after this you will receive the link automatically from CHLOE to your email where you will be able to access the wells of culture where those fertilized eggs lie.
  • Watch this video for instructions on how to log in:
  • You can use the same link to log in during the next few days.
  • Day 6 of embryo development will be the end of your cycle.
  • On this day the lab will send to you a PDF report automatically generated from the patient viewer which details the results of the cycle. This will include photos and data about only the utilizable embryos. This means any embryos that were transferred or frozen.
  • By this time the videos will either be shown in green (transferred), blue (frozen) or red (discarded).
Samantha Wake, Next Fertility Nordic Lab Manager

Please keep in mind that not all eggs will fertilise and not all fertilized eggs will reach the blastocyst stage. Not all of the blastocysts will be of good enough quality to be transferred or frozen. This is normal.

Embryo selection is ultimately at the discretion of the Embryologists. CC quality embryos are not utilizable due to their known lower implantation potential and higher risk of genetic abnormalities or miscarriage and higher chance of not surviving the biopsy or freeze and thaw process.

A study rolled out to assess preliminary patient feedback on this service showed that 95% of study participants felt it had a positive impact on their IVF experience, 95% highly rated the value of having access to live embryo images during their treatment alongside the update from the Embryologists, and 74% felt more calm and relaxed.


Lab Manager Samantha Wake states:

“The reason we decided to use this cloud-based developmental tool is so patients feel more involved with their own cycle. It enables real-time access to their embryos and hopefully an increased feeling of empowerment through their journey. As a clinic we are pleased to be able to offer full transparency to our patients as a result of this installation.”

Director of Embryology at Fairtility Adriana Brualla quotes: ‘At Fairtility we are pleased to have onboarded Next Fertility Nordic into the CHLOE program where they will benefit from a reduction in Embryologists’ time needed for manual grading and data input.

Next Fertility Nordic were searching for a program that they could access the live view of their patient’s embryos safely from home. Their weekend scheduling will now no doubt improve as they can check the perfect time to come into the lab before freezing or biopsy, which was previously unknown to them. At Fairtility, we believe in empowering fertility clinics with innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance patient care, revolutionizing the fertility industry.’

If you are interested in enrolling in this option, it is advised to book an Embryologist consultation online to review the details and to allow for confirmation before the start of your IVF cycle. You can book an appointment here

Adding this service to your treatment plan will cost €150.

For enquiries please contact: