Psychological counselling

Every person’s physical health is related to their mental wellbeing.

Psychological counselling

Every person’s physical health is related to their mental wellbeing. Getting an infertility diagnosis and going through infertility treatment is a mentally and physically exhausting process that can cause tension and stress and have a significant impact on a couple’s relationship. Often, finding out about infertility is unexpected and creates strong and conflicting feelings. It is important to know that you are not going through this process alone and that you can always seek help and support.

Psychological counselling should be a natural part of going through the infertility treatment process and therefore we recommend it to all our patients. An experienced psychologist helps find solutions to deal with big emotional changes and gives advice on how to better understand and support each other in the relationship as a couple.

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We recommend psychological counselling throughout all stages of infertility treatment:

  • You have learned that you cannot have a baby naturally
  • You are about to start infertility treatment and are afraid of the process ahead
  • You are currently undergoing infertility treatment and need advice on maintaining your relationship as a couple
  • You have become pregnant after infertility treatment and need emotional support
  • You need support during the postpartum period
  • You need support after a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion
  • You want to understand your emotions and learn to deal with them
  • You want to learn new skills to cope with stress
  • You want to acquire new communication skills

Next Fertility Nordic Clinic collaborates with:

Kairi Tozen-Pütsepp: psychological counsellor with long-term work experience in pregnancy crisis; Imago couple relationship therapist and trainer.

Book an appointment:

Individual psychological counselling (60 min)
Psychological counselling for a couple (Imago relationship therapy) (90 min)
Pregnancy crisis counselling (60 min)

  • experience difficulties in their relationship and want to resolve conflicts;
  • are considering divorce but are still looking for a solution to stay together;
  • are starting their life together and want to consciously commit to their relationship right from the start;
  • wish to enrich their life together and experience an even deeper bond with their loved one;
  • have decided to divorce and wish to do so in the most supportive and healthy way possible;
  • have been separated for some time and want to find a way to communicate with each other in the future.

When coming in for relationship therapy, the first meeting is dedicated to getting to know each other, creating a safe space and listening to the needs of both parties. The therapist will tell you what to do and how. Together, you will evaluate what is suitable for you as a couple.

  • Imago relationship therapy is actually suitable for all kinds of relationships: partners/spouses; parent-child; siblings; colleagues, etc;
  • it takes an average of 10-12 sessions to achieve an effective result;
  • during the Imago relationship therapy session, dialogue takes place between the people in the relationship and the therapist supports and guides the Imago dialogue so that it proceeds safely towards the fulfilment of the previously set goal;
  • between sessions, it is important to focus on homework, which is built on the principle of being aware of and sharing important and valuable information with your partner;
  • it is important to consistently practice Imago dialogue, which makes sharing your thoughts safe and creates a deeper bond;
  • in the course of counselling, the people in the relationship learn how to deal with conflicts and how to maintain and create a relationship that brings joy and satisfaction to both parties.

The duration of the session is 90 minutes maximum.
Kairi Tozen-Pütsepp: Senior Imago Relationship Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor