Dr Minna Mari Lett

General practitioner, resident doctor of obstetrics and gynaecology
About me

Previously, I have worked in the Emergency Medicine Department, in oncology day unit and in pediatric surgery. If I hadn’t become a doctor, I’d be very happy to work as a childen’s book illustrator. I spend my free time enjoying arts. I like almost all art forms from cooking great food to cinematography.


I have graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu and am currently completing residency in obstetrics and gynaecology at the East Tallinn Central Hospital. When possible, I also take part in a variety of training opportunities both in Estonia and abroad.


Estonian Gynaecologists Society, Estonian Perinatology Society


Estonian, German, English

Families about us

Patient feedback

In regards midwife Tiina Untera, I don’t have enough good words to commend her service. Anyone, who trusts herself into the care of Tiina, will never be disappointed. I would like to remain pregnant, just so I could continue to go to Tiina’s pregnancy monitoring appointments.

Angelina, 2021

Angelina, 2021

I had an online consultation with your gynaecologist, which I was very pleased with. The doctor gave me advice and reassured me, I felt secure. I’m sure I’ll be visiting your clinic in the future.

Patient, 2021

Patient, 2021

I am so happy! I became a mother through sperm donation. I feel like now everything is as it should be. Becoming a mother was very important for me. Although fertility in women decreases in their thirties, I no longer have to feel the pressure of running late with having a child.  I have already told my first child how she was born into this world. She knows that her mommy went to a clinic and was given ‘baby seeds’ and that’s how she was born.