Kirlin Meejärv


I have been working as a midwife since 2016. I counsel patients, support them during pregnancy monitoring and also after childbirth, as well as provide breastfeeding counselling. I also work in the maternity ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital, where I provide support to women and families during and after childbirth, and I also give lectures in the hospital’s family school in preparation for childbirth.


I graduated from Tallinn Health Care College with a degree in midwifery. I have completed the UNICEF breastfeeding counselling training course and have improved my skills in various midwifery training courses.


Estonian Midwives Association, Estonian Perinatology Society


Estonian, English

Families about us

Patient feedback

The team works really well together, everyone is very polite and makes a huge effort to speak English, which was so appreciated. It can be daunting traveling somewhere alone to do IVF, however the minute I entered the clinic I felt very welcomed and at home. The team is extremely professional, the clinic is modern and immaculate.

A happy patient 2023

A happy patient 2023

“I liked the fact that the nurse, midwife and doctor answered all of my questions and listened to me and that I always received more than just a simple answer to my initial questions. I felt good and cared for.”

Clinic patient, 2022

Clinic patient, 2022

“Very pleasant staff! I feel welcomed and cared for. Thank you for taking so much time for us and teaching us how to inject (midwife Tiina). Thank you, Dr Aluri, you are the best doctor I have ever been to!”

A satisfied customer, 2022

A satisfied customer, 2022