Recommendations while waiting for an infertility treatment procedure

Recommendations while waiting for an infertility treatment procedure

In recent months, many patients awaiting infertility treatment have had to postpone their procedures. Next Fertility Nordic welcomes patients for consultations and infertility treatment procedures, but wanting to wait a little longer is also understandable.

Here are some simple tips to follow while waiting for the procedure:

Positive reassessment of the situation – the infertility treatment procedure may be canceled at the moment, but negative emotions can be overcome by a positive reassessment. Be active, get plenty of exercise and spend time in the fresh air – following the 2+2 rule of the viral crisis, it is still important to get out of your home and focus attention on other things in life rather than the break from infertility treatment. Make healthy eating choices – in stressful times many of us turn to comfort foods, but it is wise to make an eating plan for the day so you can make better and healthier choices. Quality sleep is the foundation of feeling good – if sleep is disturbed, it can be helpful to write down your thoughts before falling asleep, as well as to practice deep breathing and meditation. Also, be sure to avoid reading the news right before bedtime. As with everything in life – try out different things to find what suits you best. Difficult times pass – it is often the case that we tend to underestimate ourselves in overcoming difficult situations. Look back at previous hardships in your life and remember how you coped with them. Analyse and try to find a suitable strategy to cope with the current situation. We also recommend reading information guides related to infertility and stress on Infomaterjalid.ee You are welcome to make an appointment with our gynaecologist or midwife, and we also conduct infertility treatment consultations via the web. Next Fertility Nordic – a helping hand to give life to a small miracle Sources used: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/4-ways-to-stay-healthy-through-infertility-during-a-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR3PJPHegsnt3sRuXpARe9jgvImYeGFVNQitdItF4xnlkZIaqCJSYY4HoCc https://www.infomaterjalid.ee/content/dam/web/healthcare/biopharma/estonia/pdfs/Toimetulek_viljatusest_tingitud_stressiga_EST.pdf

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